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    1. 頂部菜單
      Why the hotel linen must be promptly replaced?
      作者:管理員    發布于:2010-01-25 11:59:20    文字:【】【】【
      摘要:Now the Gaestgiveriet Hotel has been from the simple temporary accommodation up to improve the quality of life, the pursuit of lifestyle height, the hotel has bedding from the most common set of six upgrade to brand personalized full function. But no matter what attitude, health is the highest goal people pursue, hotel bedding must be replaced after a long time use.
      Timely update hotel bedding, first of all health and environmental health needs. Whether or pillow quilt, a long time easy to mildew, mites, can also cause allergies, asthma and other respiratory diseases. These problems will not pay attention to human health caused no small hidden dangers. Especially with a long pillow time, fungal spores will hide millions. If it is chemical fiber pillow, bacteria breeding faster.
      Followed by the use of long functional degradation. General hotel bedding use a long time, the filler will lose elasticity, hair hard caking, not warm enough. After a season becomes thinner, uneven distribution, warm suction sweat and other original effects will be greatly reduced. Like popular feather down, silk, etc., using a long time, its softness, comfort, etc. will also decline.
      The final consideration is the overall environmental coordination, hotel bedding should also be adjusted with the interior, decoration make appropriate adjustments, so that tenants have a more harmonious environment.
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