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      Royal Hotel bed products for hotels to win more tourists
      作者:管理員    發布于:2016-12-06 11:15:05    文字:【】【】【
      摘要:Hotel supplies, elegant, comfortable, high-quality hotel rooms for the hotel bedding is very large, it can not only add beauty and warmth for the hotel rooms, but also create a good environment for the guests to rest, and good hotel bedding can bring more tourists to the hotel.
      Hotel bed quality problems have been a lot of attention to customers. So what is the standard hotel rooms and bedding? How to buy the hotel and hotel bedding? Professional hotel linen manufacturers - new royal bed (Ya Lan) according to the recommendations of the three aspects of hotel bedding standard and configuration are given:
      1 fabric.
      Bedding fabrics can be divided into high density fabrics, fabrics and fabrics in dense low density. Can be distinguished from the naked eye, hand can be distinguished. High-grade bedding fabrics generally use high density cotton fabric. The middle and low products are generally selected medium density, low density fabric or blended or chemical fiber fabrics. The fabric also has a variety of options such as plain, twill, stripes, squares or hotel style to choose according to the requirements of the hotel. In the configuration, suggest three-star hotel can be equipped with 40s/200 according to the following yarn fabric; flowers mainly in plain weave, twill, stripes, squares etc. simple pattern based. Four or five star hotel can be equipped with 60s, 80s/300 or more yarn fabric; flower type according to the hotel style, rich imagination novel.
      2 supplies filling material.
      Products packing material are down, hollow cotton, soft cotton, loose cotton, three-dimensional crimp single hole cotton, seven hole cotton, cotton, cotton, sun slide floss, ordinary polyester cotton. The difference between these fillers is relatively large, the hotel should be based on their actual situation to choose. SamSung class hotel in the following configuration: can be equipped with hollow cotton, silk and chemical fiber products, product prices are more reasonable, comfortable feeling good. Four or five star hotel is equipped with the basic needs of eider down products, at the same time with the domestic and international hotel, four star hotels and above is used not only in class, but also in reference to feather pillow, mattress.
      3 supplies color.
      In addition to the hotel bed quality these aspects need attention, in color selection is also very important. Hotel textile is generally white or pale, laying in bed and decent, not garish pattern, so let the customer heart Ning God, to relieve Laughton, good sleep. At the same time, white bedding can let pollution prompted replacement completely unmasked, cleaning time, cleaning. At the same time, from the perspective of environmental protection low-carbon, in order to prevent chemical pollution of printing and dyeing process.
      Arran hotel linen experts recommend hotel should adopt white bedding, hotel by check, guests are also living at. If there is a special need to adjust, but must look plain in color. In the hotel bed in the purchase there are some risks such as: a bed products formaldehyde content exceed the standard seriously, washing the size change rate of unqualified items and fastness unqualified items, the product identification is not clear, especially when you want to buy that hotel.
      Good clean hotel bedding, can create a better environment for the guests to sleep, enhance the image of the hotel, to bring great economic benefits for the growth of the hotel, is the key to attract customers, retain customers.
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